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  • Structured Process Within Our 30,000 Sq. Foot Facility
    • 100% material inspection - includes quantity, verification, condition, Mfg part number, and date codes (at a minimum).
    • Return of damaged or non-complaint material to the source, varies by client agreement
    • Deliver a recovery plan for the lot - estimated return, scrap, strategic hold material
    • Determine which items that should be sent to reclaim
    • Full market assessment for excess inventory - current market price and suggested resale price
    • Execute the recovery plan - manage the broker market on behalf of the client
    • Assure all items are transacted in the agreed upon time frame
    • Provide regular reports and metrics as needed (see below)
    • Post process review with client to seek areas for service improvements
  • Consignment vs. Liquidation
    • IM Partners will support our clients' needs in both the liquidation and consignment models. We support both types of asset management programs and always will suggest what program fits the needs of the clients. Illustrated below is a chart that shows some historical performance data on both types of asset management models over time. IM Partners will custom tailor programs to meet the needs of your business.

  • Downloadable Reports - Available to Our Clients
    • Market Assessment - full assessment of material and valuation
    • Receiving report - 100% inspection and validation for our clients
    • Settlement - Asset management and recovery results
    • Commodity reports - current trends in the marketplace
Effective Inventory Management
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